Dr. Mubin Syed

Neuro & Interventional Radiology

Dr. Mubin Syed is triple fellowship trained, multiple specialty board certified physician practicing in Dayton and Springfield, Ohio over the last 18 years.  Family is what brought Dr. Syed to the Dayton area and has been the reason why he is so loyal and dedicated to the community.  Dr. Syed’s wife and three children are a very important source of support and strength, allowing Dr. Syed to dedicate himself to his practice and work. Prior to practicing and settling with his family in the Dayton area, Dr. Syed began his education and training in the state of Massachusetts where he attended medical school at Boston University. Following graduation he continued on to Maryland where his academic research career began, and on to Indiana where he completed his residency and fellowships at Indiana University Medical Center.

Dr. Syed has fellowship training in Diagnostic, Neuroradiology and Interventional Radiology.  This allows him to expand the type of services he can provide to patients focusing not only on the peripheral anatomy but also the head and neck.  Dr. Syed is a clinical associate professor at Wright State University School of Medicine. His love for academic research and teaching is immense and exemplified in the papers he has published, journal abstracts, news paper articles written and the lectures he gives to students and other physicians as well as clinical instruction he gives to physicians training them on various procedures and skills.  Dr. Syed has recently written a text book on pain management, soon to be published and used by institutions around the country.  He is a well known, respected and committed member of the academic physician community.  Dr. Syed is noted expert on pain management, teaching and lecturing various pain management procedures and techniques.  Dr. Syed has membership in many medical societies in the area, and is part of various hospital committees including Endovascular, Credentialling and CME.   Dr. Syed is a decorated physician having been honored and awarded many certificates of recognition for excellences. He has been an investigator for four research studies as well, having had numerous trials through out the years yielding invaluable clinical information to help future patients.

Dr. Syed is President and co-owner of Dayton Interventional Radiology and has been providing both outpatient and inpatient clinical care for the last 5 years.  The focus of Dr. Syed’s practice is primarily interventional pain management, however his experience with Vascular Interventional work in the head and neck areas distinguishes him from all other Interventional Radiologists in the region.  Living, working, researching and educating in the Dayton community has been Dr. Syed’s mission and he hopes to continue on with this journey expanding his knowledge base and clinical skills.